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Alternate tremor zones

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The tremor zones mentioned in the adventure are supposedly caused by pieces of Mount Celestia resting beside pieces of the Abyss.  And yet the tremor zones do not encircle each of the pieces of Heaven.  An alternate explanation for the tremor zones could be irritation or infections in Occipitus.  Once one of the PCs takes over as ruler, they may be interested in solving the tremor zone problem.  Here are some ideas:


  • A fungal infection that must be cut out.
  • A colony of chaos beasts, trying to infect the plane with their disease
  • A colony of Chasme demons (from the Fiend Folio) that have laid their eggs in the flesh
  • Giant flatworms (using purple worms as a base) that are digging through the flesh
  • The Horn of Haloen, used to kill Occipitus as described in these dreams, resides in a pus-filled tumor deep in the flesh. 
  • A Sybriex (from the Fiend Folio) has taken up residence on the plane, and will exchange some Demonic Flesh-crafting to a character for resolving the local tremor.  (He doesn't actually care about the tremors, but wants to spread his demonic taint into others)


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