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Attack on the Church of Kord

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In order to create further chaos in the city of Cauldron, Shebeleth wants to the Church of Kord to be destroyed.  The Church of Kord is the only other church of any relevance in power in Cauldron.  Using the Siege of Redgorge and the finding of evil within the Church of Wee Jas (if it has been made public due to the attack on Ike Iverson), Sheb can incite the people of his church to help him root out the evil within Cauldron.  The citizens have been growing more and more angry as taxes have spiralled higher, the mayor has gone missing, and things are getting more out of control.


The ensuing riot of 500+ parishoners will have no trouble overcoming any resistance.  If Vhalantru is Mayor, he can order the town guard to not interfere.  Sheb will lead the mob to the Church of Kord and then leave, letting the chaos take hold without him.  Jenya will attempt in vain to convince the mob to stop.  Sheb will return to the Church of Cuthbert and start to desecrate it too.



When the party members actually return to the Church of Cuthbert, Shebeleth greets them with his headgears off revealing the smoking ruby eye embedded into his forehead. He cackles insanely as they approach saying – ‘The damage is already done my pitiful servants. The churches will never recover in time before the Cagewrights terror is unleashed upon Cauldron. You have been little more than gullible pawn I’m afraid…’


Depending upon their strength at the time, he then uses a readied time stop spell to summon 2 Fasastu and 1 Kelubar Demodands to finish off the party and then Word of Recall to return to the Fiery Sanctum.


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