Crescentias recovery

While the group is in the Demonskar at Vaprak's Voice, and after they have had a dream for the Scion of Surabar character, they could recover Crescentia, Surabar's sword that vanquished a green dragon from long ago.


Crescentia lies embedded in the rock at the bottom of the canyon.  Only when the descendant of Surabar touches the sword will it begin to spark and heat up, allowing it to be retrieved. 



Crescentia +4 Evil Outsider Bane Longsword


Surabar's Sword of Stars


This sword was made by the angels of heaven to combat the infernal forces of evil. It was created thousand of years ago for one of heaven's generals,  Adimarchus.  After Adimarchus's fall from grace, the sword was considered disgraced and removed from the holy halls.  It made its way to Oerth as a gift to one of the paladins of St Cuthbert of the Suel Empire after he traveled to the Heavens on a pilgrimage.  It has been passed along from generation to generation for hundreds of years, though very few know its true power.  The paladin's final line of descendants that inherited the sword was known as Spellmason.


Crescentia is a slightly curved black blade blanketed in a myriad of tiny glittering stars. Crescentia’s hilt appears to be a golden hawk with the crescent shaped crossbar the hawk’s majestic raised wings. When first grasped the handle causes a tingling sensation to the hand. When Crescentia is wielded, it leaves a trail of white sparks in its wake.

Special Abilities:

Spark Wave:


Activation – Descendent of Sundabar Spellmason


Function - As a standard action 5/day, the wielder can slice horizontally through the air and send an arc of sparks outwards towards opponents. This ability works the same as the burning hands spell (5’ arc 5d4 damage, Ref Save DC 20) plus it can cause temporary blindness (1d4 rounds) as the sparks singe the eyes (Fort Save DC 15 to avoid).

Star Shower:


Activation – Slay an evil outsider with the blade.


Function – Sparks hail from the heavens, whistling as they descend, burning every creature in a 15’ radius of the wielder (3/day No save, 10d4 fire damage).

Shooting Stars:


Activation - Laying the blade upon a stone table within a celestial stone circle during a star shower.


Function – Balls of lightning shoot from the end of the blade which explode when they strike a solid object. The wielder can choose to release between 1 and 4 balls that have a diameter of roughly 3 feet and move 120 feet a round for up to 10 rounds. Each sphere explodes in a 5’ radius.  If 4 balls are released, each causes 1d6 points of damage each, 3 balls cause 2d6 each, 2 balls cause 3d6 damage and 1 ball causes 4d6 damage(Ref Save DC 20) (2/day).

Meteor Swarm:


Activation – Blessed by an elemental Weird.


Function –See Meteor Swarm Spell (Cast at 20th level) (1/day)