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Demonskar Ball

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This is an adventure all on its own.  It is a large-scale political and role-playing encounter with the elite nobles of Cauldron.  Many DMs have had a lot of fun with it, some taking 8 hours to run the entire event. 


Event One

The party receive their invitation to the Demonskar Ball to be held in a fortnight and investigate the event. One of the party members is given the Nabthataron Invitation.



Event Two

Costumes and Coaches are hired, dance and etiquette lessons sought.



Event Three

Arrive at the Demonskar Ball and socialise in the foyer, potentially with Lord Vhalantru, Celeste, Lady Ophellha and the Stormblades.



Event Four

The party is moved into the Grand Ballroom and formally greeted by the Aslaxins, the Lord Mayor, Embril, Asfelkir and Alek.



Event Five

The Song of Heaven Competition occurs.  Annah performs against one of the characters while the rest of the party dance. Cora attempts to damage one of the parties costumes.



Event Six

Kozomagon’s Folly is held, a dance celebrating the disastrous creation of the Haunted Village and the tragedy surrounding one of Sundabar’s good friends. Winning the dance ensures a valuable prize and the title of Mayor of Liduton.



Event Seven

The guests move to the dining hall and meet the other guests seated on their table. These include Dalam - a half-orc ex-bodyguard, Vortimax – a cantankerous alchemist and mage, Geneth – a disguised dwarven guild master, Bolar – a gnomish mapmaker and the Bradly-Dipinshires – two extremely pompous nobles.



Event Eight

The party enjoy the first course, toast Sundabar and engage in conversation with the guests including Bolar about Keygan.



Event Nine

 Second Course. Riddle competition. Geneth discusses thieves and scoundrels with the party to test their character and alliances. Dalam becomes increasingly annoying and boisterous with each drink.



Event Ten

Main Course. Alek amazes all the guests with his strength. Dalam challenges the strongest party member to a Test of Strength outside.



Event Eleven

Fourth Course. Todd attempts to poison the party’s food while the Stormblades distract the party with insults and intimidation.



Event Twelve

Final course. Crater Cake prepared by Lady Aslaxin. The party are placed in a quandary when they are told the cake caused illness to all who sampled it last year. Lady Aslaxin comes to the table to see how her new recipe was received before judging a spontaneous Boasting Competition on the table between Dalam, Vortimax and the party.



Event Thirteen

The Clash of the Armies. The party is paired up with a Stormblade who attempts to trip, unbalance and embarrass them during the dance.



Event Fourteen

The Demonskar Dance. The character that received the Nabthatoran invitation dances with Lord Aslaxin through a series of complicated steps and the winner of the Song of Heaven hands over Alakast to Lord Aslaxin to complete the dance.



Event Fifteen

The party are awarded medals of honour and other rewards depending on how well they succeeded during the night during the final ceremony.



Demonskar Ball Events.doc - The details for the above events

Demonskar Ball Invitations.pdf - Elegant invitations for the affair

SCAPCh3DBNPCs.rar - Pictures of the NPC nobles that will be attending the Ball  (The Stormblades are included in this file)


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