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Dream for Scion

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The dragon is known to you.  It calls itself Vitriss Bale, and has been preying on your fellow explorers for the last month.  You finally have tracked it down to this set of canyons.  Unfortunately, it ambushed your friends before all of you knew what had happened.

            You are the last one standing.  The others, while not dead, soon will be if you don’t finish this foe now.  You charge, assured that you will probably die, and yet are at peace with that.  Whether it is by luck or fate, you bury your sword in his eye.  Vitriss screams in agony, and falls off the cliff, taking your sword with him.  You watch as he falls, sad that you have lost your heirloom.  You then turn and assist your friends with their wounds. 


            That night, while everyone slept, you were awakened by heavenly music.  Heading out into the jungle, you find yourself surrounded by holy light.  Majestically descending from a nearby tree, an angel approaches you.  You fall to your knees, overwhelmed by the beauty of the being in front of you.  She speaks:

            “I am Nidrama, and have seen your attempts to tame this land.  Know now that this area is known as the Demonskar, and it contains a foe worse than any you have encountered.  His name is Nabthatoron, and he is now aware of you due to your victory over Vitriss Bale.  He has waited many generations to win his way home.  Your coming has been foretold and he now knows that he must conquer you and your people for his duty to be complete.  Beware, for he and his minions will pursue you.”

            You reply, “While he may chase me, I will not run.  I have been trying to find a place for my people to live and prosper, and the visions I have experienced have led me to this jungle.  I have found the area rich and capable of supporting many generations.  I will not back away from here.”

            Nidrama smiles and says, “This is good.  This area has been under the thrall of evil for too long, and it is time that this change.  The gods support you in fighting this great evil, and wish to assist you.  I notice that you have lost your sword.  I hereby grant you Alakast, a staff of great power and wisdom.  Learn all that you can from it.”

            Nidrama hands you the hardwood staff, which glows with a white light that is soothing to your eyes.  You feel the smooth wood and realize that this is a holy artifact.  You bow and reluctantly ask the question that occupies your mind.

            “While I cherish this gift, my honor requires me to retrieve my sword Crescentia, which has been in my family for generations.”

            Nidrama calmly states,”Crescentia is lost to you.  You will not retrieve it.  Do not waste your time looking for it, or Nabthatoron will find you before you are ready to deal with him.  The sword’s fate lies with another.  The time will come when Crescentia will again be wielded by one of your blood.”

            Nidrama disappears into the jungle, and you return to your bedroll.  You awake to find the staff beside you and know that you will need to raise an army in order to deal with Nabthatoron.  You gather your friends, and retreat back to the new settlement of Sasserine.


            <Scion's name> awakens, knowing that this dream is a vision from the past.

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