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Dreams - Chapter 3

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Drowning dream


You are far above the world, looking below to a vast and empty crater.  It takes some time, but you can recognize the crater as the city of Cauldron.  You begin to drift closer but still far in the air so no one would notice you.  You can see shops and wagons in the street; a bustling and thriving city below you.  Thousands upon thousands of people are lined in the street, obviously celebrating something.  As you stare in wonder and fascination at the people below, it dawns on you that you know what they are celebrating.  The Flood Festival has just started and the people spend an entire week celebrating and partying.  The inns are bustling with patrons and wagons filled with goods of all types are lined out in the streets.


As a few moments pass, you begin to celebrate with them, although very high in the air.  A sense of peace and happiness fills you and you desire to be a part of this celebration.  As you start to drift closer to city, you begin to notice a dark shadow spreading over the city.  It starts slowly, but gradually begins to fill the entire city with a deep darkness. 


You mouth instantly fills with water and you begin to choke.  You cough and cough, attempting to clear the water from your lungs, but you are unable to do so.  Your vision begins to blur as you slowly drown to death, but you then realize—for whatever reason—you do not need to breathe.  Your recent change has caused you to not need the necessities most people need, including breathing. 


As the water spills from your breathless mouth, you gaze upon the city again.  You can see the celebration has turned to complete terror.  The citizens of Cauldron are fleeing in horror as the shadow descends upon them.  You then think to look outward, beyond the city.  As your gaze reaches for the horizon you can see that it is not there.  Something has blocked out your view of the horizon.  You then come to realize that a huge and vast wall of water has stretched for thousands of feet skyward.  The wall of water was coming at a fast pace towards the city.


Within moments it crashed upon the city, devouring all.  As the waves settled, the city was completely submerged.  A soft glow began in the center of the water, where you knew the Crater Lake used to be.  The soft glow became an angry and harsh red haze as you realize the center of the lake was boiling, possibly from the volcano below.  As the water churned, a red “M” could be seen in its center, just before your vision fades out.



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