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Dreams - Chapter 4

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Carceri Sign Dream


            You are awoken by a strange sound.  It is like the mumbling of many people.  You exit your bedroom, and can hear the sound grow louder.  You quickly check and find that the house is empty of all of your fellow Companions.  You head toward the front door.  You feel a sense of dread and terror, and yet you see your hand reach forward and open it.


            Outside, the city is dark.  The night is clear, with the moons lending a ghostly light to the street.  The sound you heard was of the dozen people chanting in the street.  Various races are there.  They sway to the melodic tones of their voices.  You feel you know them, and yet they seem unfamiliar at the same time.


            All at once, they howl to the sky in unison.  As you watch, their clothes become thin and tattered.  Their skin stretches and starts to tear, revealing shriveled muscles and stark white bones underneath. 


            You scream in horror as you watch them decay. 


            It is only when you awake from your dream that you remember something.  Every one of them had a symbol on their bodies.  It was tattooed on their skin, and flashed with a glowing light as they howled.






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