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SCAP Ch 0 Greyhawk Museum

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Explorers & Acquirers Division of Greyhawk Museum


The Explorers & Acquirers Division of Greyhawk Museum of Cauldron is a currently a small group of 14 members that currently comprise of one sage/historian, one art expert, one wizard, 9 warriors, six rogues. The wizard and three of the rogues are all recent recruits to the Division while the others have travelled to Cauldron at the request of the Museum Doyen – Lorian Dorcemetry, to scowl the frontier lands for ancient remnants of the ages before man.


The Division is still in its infancy but has already made some progress in its task securing a handful of artefacts from the Spellweaver Empire. Currently the Division operates from a large four-story house near the Tipped Tankard Tavern. The Division is divided into two teams – Research & Acquisition.


The Research Team


The Research team are the ‘brains trust’ of the Division and are the only members that have a permanent residence in the Head Quarters. There are three research members – Geneth Taliwar (Division Leader), Ralter Swir (Art Expert) & Falliwing (Magician).


Geneth Taliwar – Division Leader


 The Division Leader and sage/historian of the group - Geneth Taliwir, is an elderly dwarf with a silver monocle, an eye patch overing his left eye and a short, well-groomed white beard. Geneth walks with the assistance of a wooden cane covered with smooth metal protrusions and has a noticeable limp. Geneth always wears worn leather pants and boots that look as old as their wearer, dons a silken red tunic and has bejewelled rings on each finger.


Geneth Taliwar was originally an infamous explorer, adventure and rogue who specialised in ‘acquiring’ exquisite and expensive artwork, relics, artefacts and jewellery from homes and ruins alike. When the overly ambitious rogue led a team into the ruins of Mauve Castle, where his team were all killed and he was left for dead, he was rescued by an ‘Acquisition Team’ from the Greyhawk Museum.


Crippled from the expedition, Geneth spent his recovery learning more about his rescuers and researching about the treasures of the past. Division Leadership of an Acquisition Team was not a far cry from his old life. Geneth surprised himself by the pride he felt when the Museum Doyen asked him to travel to the Frontier Lands and base himself in Cauldron to head up a team to explore, map, discover and acquire artefacts from the unexplored wilderness of hidden ruins and mysterious monuments.


 Ralter Swir – The Art Expert


Ralter Swir worked at the Greyhawk Museum as an art expert specialising in sculptures, architecture and carvings. Raltar has always been particularly fascinated with works from ‘Sunken Civilizations’ and aspires to collect a substantial and priceless collection of artwork from these ancient underwater empires.


Raltar is a rock gnome with a long brown moustache, a baldhead and thick spectacles that sit precariously on the end of his large nose.  Bumbling and jittery, Raltar is quiet and unsure during normal conversation but becomes increasingly passionate and confident whenever he discusses or is presented with a valuable work.  Geneth has learnt to value the unassuming art expert’s opinion on visual history and other historical obscurities.


Raltar unexpectedly volunteered to join Geneth and his small team to face the dangerous and unexplored lands of Begedis only days before the expedition began. Many of his learned colleges tried to persuade the normally quite and reclusive art expert into reconsidering his ‘rash’ actions but all for nought.  Raltar saw a chance to experience the adventure of discovery and the opportunity to be the first to unlock a piece of history. 




Falliwing is a recent recruit to the Division and has become an important asset to Geneth and the team. Falliwing is a gaunt sickly man with a long, pointed brown beard, a flat cushioned hat and thick layers of fur that assists to disguise his frailty and keep him warm. Falliwing leans upon a crystal topped staff that contains golden vein that swirls about within it.  While the disease that is slowly eating Falliwing away is not contagious to others, most people give the obviously sickly mage a wide birth.


Gurp, Falliwings toad familiar, sits inside the magician’s robes making strange noises from time to time. Falliwing has become completely oblivious to Gurps noises but these can be quite disconcerting to the unaware.


Falliwing grew up in Sterich in his youth and became an apprentice at a young age. As soon as he was made a full wizard Falliwing joined an adventuring group and jumped aboard an exhibition bound for the newly settled Frontier Lands. Falliwing and his group spent months trekking through the wild lands combating its monsters and searching through its ruins before he and the rest of his party were contaminated by a mysteriously disease.


Falliwing is now the last of his group. The rest have either succumb to the disease or one to many risky exploits. Falliwing saw in the ‘Acquisition Division’ an opportunity to find an answer to the disease that is slowly making him waste away to nothing. Within the one of the ruins of an ancient Serpent People Falliwing contracted the strange illness and it is within similar ruins the ever-hopeful mage hopes to find its cure.


Falliwing struggles to breath some days and is wracked by fits of coughing. Falliwing always feels continually cold and ensures he is smothered in furs and his large fireplace rages with stifling heat.


Falliwing acts as the Acquisition Teams magical liaison and assists with research and supplies of potions and scrolls whenever he is able. Falliwing also possesses numerous magical items he uses to assist the group in any way he can. In exchange for his aid Geneth has allowed Falliwing to stay in the Divisional Headquarters where he now dwells on the top floor attic. Geneth ensures Falliwing has everything he needs including components, an alchemy lab and plenty of fuel for his fire and warm meals to dull the aching cold.


Members of the Division frequently buy scrolls, potions and even minor magical items from Falliwing for half the normal cost. Falliwing is always looking for clues to his cure and in the shorter-term methods of relieving his pain, cough and cold.


Exploration & Acquisition Team


The ‘Acquirers’ are the ground troops of the Division, devoted to gaining artefacts, relics and art works from the region and particularly the lost civilisation ruins they continuously strive to uncover. Currently there are six members of this team but occasionally others are hired for specialised jobs. The Division is always on the lookout for loyal recruits that fit the mould.


Pouches - (Acquisition Leader)


Sebastian Destumtree or ‘Pouches’ to his friends, is a Fiddlekin with an insatiable appetite for adventure, risk and reward. Pouches was a cutpurse that Geneth rescued from execution when he chose to steal the wrong person. Pouches had his left hand removed from the incident and then was then left unconscious bleeding to death in the street by his would-be target. Geneth dragged the tiny halfling from the streets and into the Greyhawk Museum and nursed him back to health.


Pouches was a reluctant recruit initially but the good treatment, skills, focus and rewards Geneth gave the capable young halfling quickly earned both his respect and loyalty.


Pouches is now no common thief. Infact Pouches only uses his skills to legitimately ‘acquire’ treasures for the Museum, never purely for profit. This is not to say Pouches isn’t fond of coin - he is, it’s just that he receives more than enough rewards for his retrieval of such goods from his benefactor.


Pouches acts as Geneth’s general, leading his ‘Acquirers’ and weeding out disloyalty and acts of petty thievery from the ranks. Those who wish to join the Acquirers ranks need to prove their worth, character and loyalty before they are accepted and Pouches is always the first port of call.


Membership into the Exploration & Acquisition Division of Greyhawk Museum


Membership into the Division gains many benefits including –


1                      Acquirer Ring

Silver with an in signature of the Acquirers imprinted upon it (Compass & Tower)


+ 3 to Search & Disable Traps

+2 to AC(creates a haze around wearer that makes it more difficult to target the owner).

Ability to Intuit Direction


2                      Cheap Equipment

From 10 to 50% off all Thieves Equipment, Low Level Arcane Scrolls, Potions & Magical Items


3                      Safe house

The headquarters of the Acquirers have two rooms they leave for members in need of a place to stay or hide.


4                      Research

 The second level of the Headquarters is allocated to the Divisional Library and Art Collection and contains a comprehensive selection of historical tomes, texts, scrolls and tablets. Research checks on ancient civilisations in this library give the researcher a + 5 to +10 modifier.


5                      Rumours/Information

With a group of street smart ‘Acquirers’ at your disposal Geneth has each member in a Tome Known as The Rumour Mill. The Rumour Mill is a collection of rumours members have heard in their travels which they write in the tome when they report in. The rumours always include a date and validity rating.  


Gather Information Checks about Cauldron or its Environs are made at +5 with the use of the Rumour Mill. 


6                      Connections

The Acquirers have a growing list of contacts that include the ‘Off the Map’ store, Tipped Tankard Tavern, Church of St. Cuthbert, Skye’s Treasury, Frontier Merchant Coster & many others. Showing the Acquirers Ring gives members benefits ranging from cheaper prices to special favours. Members are likewise expected to return favours when these establishments need help.


7                      Allies

The Acquirers are a small organization with a strong sense of loyalty to each other. If the need is dire the whole Division will take up arms to defend one of it’s own. Recently The Last Laugh thieves guild has began to try and poach the Divisions members and Geneth suspects his two newer recruits have ties to the guild. Geneth has tossed up the idea of making tentative alliances with the guild but dismissed the notion. Geneth wants to keep his organization legitimate and his Acquirers focused on ‘legitimate’ finds and exploration not petty theft, smuggling and burglary.





Exploration & Acquisition Division for the Greyhawk Museum of Cauldron Headquarters


The Headquarters of the Division was purchased and renovated just under a year a go. Since this time the Division has gone a long way to creating a workable base for their operation.


Street Front

The headquarters are built on a slab of malachite 5 feet above the level of the street and most importantly, the lake. A small flight of stairs leads up to a reinforced oaken door and a sign that swings above it displaying a compass, tower and crescent moon (combined symbols of the Acquirers and Museum). The door itself has a small slit that allows the guard to peer out onto the street before allowing entry. 


Gazing up from the street at the four story building reveals a tall, narrow building with a shingle peaked roof, shuttered windows beginning from the second story and an attic window near its zenith.




Ground Floor



Walking through the front door reveals a small entrée chamber with doors to the left and right and ascending stairs straight ahead. A cloak rack hangs to the right of the door and a long, low locked box sits beneath it. 


The House butler greets members, takes their cloaks, hats, staves, bulky weapons and shields and places them in the security box by the door. Geneth brought with him an elvish butler to act as both servant and guard to the Headquarters. Hallow is a skilled swordsman but has the etiquette and organisational skills to make an excellent butler. Hallow possesses a caring and king manner and is tolerant yet stern. Hallow is almost as old as his long time employer Geneth and they share a mutual respect and understanding built over decades of trust.



The door to the left leads into a comfortable parlour with cushioned coaches and chairs, a decanter and crystal cabinet and a large fireplace. The members use this small room to relax, talk, read and meet. Glasses of spirits and wine are swilled here along with mugs of frothy ale, hot coffee or tea. Small meals are also served up in this room to valued members such as a bowl of spiced mushrooms and potatoes, cheese and warm bread, fruit platters or a hot soup.


Sitting on an old coffee table between the weathered cushioned coaches is a huge leather tome bearing the symbol of the Acquirers – the tower, crescent moon and compass. The tomb has a small lock (DC 25) that can only be opened by a small silver key given to each member upon joining. This is large leather bound book is 3 feet by 2 feet in dimensions and is affectionately known as ‘The Rumour Mill’ to Acquirers.


Within the tome a reader can find hundreds of rumours, pieces of gossip, stories and information from Cauldron, its environs and further abroad. Each piece of information has a rating as to its credibility. Members are expected to regularly ‘check in’ to the Divisional Headquarters to speak to Geneth and make an entree into “The Rumour Mill’.


Acquirers using ‘The Rumour Mill’ to Gather Information gain a +5 bonus to their skill check


Dining/Meeting Room

The door to the right reveals a larger room with a long wooden table that seats twelve. A large, high backed, cushioned chair sits at the top of the table to the right of the door with a great tapestry covering the wall spun to depict a map of the Inis Kingdoms and surrounding islands. The remaining chairs that encircle the table are small but comfortable.


This is the dining room and meeting room of the Headquarters. It is rarely used except for gathering and official meetings. The Division holds a meeting once every three months to discuss general business, missions, acquisitions and other prominent issues. Accolades, rewards and promotions are also given during these meetings.


Geneth, Ralter and Falliwing usually have their meals brought up to them in their rooms or have them together in the Parlour or Library.


Off the Dining Room sits the small kitchen and storeroom. The House Cook has been recently employed but has proven more than adequate given her minimal wage. Geneth found the middle aged lady attempting to sell food at a stall in the town market and was able to produce some excellent meals with little ingredients. Geneth asked the needy lady who called herself Mandy, to cook for his household for a week on a trail basis. Mandy has been there 2 months now.


What Geneth is unaware of is that Mandy is not the poor middle-aged cook she appears. In fact Mandy was using her cooking skills as a front to case perspective targets for the local thieves guild. The Last Laugh guild is extremely pleased with the turn of events and use Mandy as a spy and possible assassin if the need arises.


The Storeroom is jammed with died foods, barrels, jars, bottles, boxes and other containers all brimming with food and drinks. The Research team have particular tastes in alcohol and meals which are well stocked. 




Second Floor


The stairs ascend to a large landing before continuing up, with two doors leading from it, one to the right the other straight ahead. Both doors are iron and have excellent locks that only the research team and Pouches have a key for.




The door straight ahead swings open to reveal a small library. The Divisionary Library takes up a good 2/3 of the whole second floor and in divided into sections. The library is predominantly filled with historical tomes, scrolls, books, diaries, maps and documents dedicated to ancient civilisations in which the Frontier Land is most famous for. Tucked in amongst the overflowing shelves are small candle lit desks where members can research and study undisturbed.


Hidden behind a bookshelf, which is opened when a notch in the right side of the case in depressed, is a secret door revealing a descending flight of narrow stairs. These stairs lead down to the secret cellar.


 Research Skill Bonus +5 to +10 to specific study on ancient civilisations found in the local area. 


 Relic Room


The door to the right of the landing swings open to reveal a room packed with crates and boxes.

Three security measures are always in operation here to protect the treasures

-          The first is an Alarm Spell that is linked to every member of the research team alerting them if the door to the room is opened.

-          The second is teleport trap that teleports all those who open the door and do not immediately speak the words – ‘Behold the wonders of the past for the future to marvel at for all time’. The spell teleports would be thieves directly into the Headquarters cellar and into the small prison cell the Division has installed there.

-          The third measure is a permanent ‘Hallucinary Terrain’ spell that makes the room appear featureless except for old empty boxes and crates.


Within the room the Division locks away their acquired artefacts and relics before they are transported to Greyhawk and the Greyhawk Museum.



Third Floor


The narrow staircase continues to ascend past a landing that leads onto a long corridor. Paintings and portraits decorate the walls. Six doors lead off the corridor, four positioned close together while the last two are separated from the others.


Guest Rooms


Four small, simple rooms were built to house Acquirers and guests but one has been converted into the permanent residences of Hallow the butler. Mandy, the house cook, has her own home where she returns to after supper every evening before arriving back to prepare breakfast for the household every morning.


The three remaining guest quarters have room enough for a single bed with a reasonably comfortable straw mattress with clean bedding, a small fireplace, cupboard and desk. Shuttered windows look out over the city but do little to protect the sleeper from the cities chilly night winds.  


 Hallow’s Room


The second door on the left leads into Hallows room. Hallow leaves in locked at all times and enjoys his privacy when ‘off duty’. The room has a four-poster, comfortable bed with a tapestry depicting a trickling stream within a lush ferny forest adorning the wall behind it. Hanging over the left bed head post is Hallows sword – a beautiful magical, gold basket hilted rapier gifted to him by Geneth decades ago.

A cupboard contains Hallows colourful and stylish clothing and footwear while a locked wooden chest contains his valuables.


Ralter’s Room


The last door on the left leads to Ralters room. Ralter the unashamed academic, spends a large proportion of his time locked away within this room or the Relic Room analysing art works, reading through text or dabbling in sculpture himself.


Relic’s room is approximately twice the size of the standard guest rooms and is organised chaos. Artworks, books and piles of paper litter every available portion of floor space and the bed is often difficult to find hidden beneath works.


A number of large glass fish bowls sit around the room containing weird, wonderful, beautiful and alien small aquatic creatures. Some are warmed by small magical rocks and all are well cared for and spotless in direct contrast to the state of the rest of the room.


Geneth’s Room


Geneth, the Divisionary Leader of the Explorers and Acquisition Team, is meticulous and particular with his possessions and operation. Geneth organises and cleans his room consistently to ensure he is always ready and prepared for any event.


Stepping across the threshold reveals a large room adorned with paintings, candelabras, a large fireplace with a sword and hammer crossed above the mantle and a large opulent, canopied double bed. Geneth ensured he could get the most luxurious bed available when he arrived into the city explaining that after decades of sleeping on the ground in armour, it was time to give his body the comfort it had missed all those years.


A copper bathtub sits near the window with potted plants nearby. An affixed washbasin stands to the left of the tub in the room’s corner and a large cupboard remains locked between the basin and the bed.


A small, round table rests to the right of the bed with four wooden chairs and a silver candelabra sitting in its centre. A large desk sits tucked into a corner of the room to the doors immediate right, with books and writing utensils positioned neatly.


A weapon rack hangs upon the right hand wall within reach of the table, looking out of place in the otherwise luxurious room. Beautiful axes, hammers, swords, spears and pole arms adorn it, all well oiled and looked after and many bearing obvious signs of use.


Various remnants and keep sakes from Geneth’s previous ‘life’ rest here and there about the room, positioned upon small pedestals, resting upon the fireplace mantle or hanging from the wall. Many are there for reasons other than mere decoration.



Falliwing’s Attic


The stairs reach their zenith at the foot of a narrow door. The old wooden door has an iron ring knocker in its centre and a crystal imbedded above this.. Knocking on the door invokes one of three responses –


1)      The Door swings open and Falliwing greets the guest warmly


2)      A voice echo all around the door asking about the persons business and intentions


3)      The crystal glows and a spell emerges from its depths and targets the unwanted intruder. (Falliwing can see, hear and cast through this crystal by gazing into the crystal on the end of his cane.)


Stepping through the door reveals a small, cramped room with sloping walls mimicking the incline of the roof with a large roaring fireplace to the right and a small attic window on the far wall. The room is stifling hot even on the coldest of days and the fire is continually burning.


A small bed is piled with blankets and furs against the left wall and a large table sits to the left of the door blanketed in vials, bottles and alchemy equipment. Jammed between the table and the bed is a desk with hundreds of tiny vials of ink and a large variety of pens and writing quills. Shelves of scrolls and books hang above the desk affixed to the wall.


On the opposite side of the bed to the desk is a small bedside table with a bowl of water, a candle and a book. Squashed up next to this and the corner is a large cupboard packed with thick, heavy robes and clothing with an extensive collection of furs. Thick boots sit beneath the hanging clothes and woollen hats and beanies sit above them on the self. Positioned to the right of the window in the corner is a short bookcase filled with texts and books. Hanging above the fireplace is a faded stone tablet.



The Secret Cellar


The secret Library stairs spiral down 20 feet to a damp, cold room. In the northeast corner stands to jail cells with reinforced wooden doors and small barred windows. A sparing dummy sits in the centre of the room and a weapon rack rest along the west wall. A Archery Target is pushed up against the west wall.


Hidden behind the weapon rack is a loose block which in turn hides a small pulley ring. Lifting the ring up causes the secret door behind the weapon rack to click open revealing a short corridor. This corridor is a death trap to the unwary and ill prepared. Pit traps, posioness darts and scythes and falling blocks are just some of the dangerous waiting alone this unassuming stretch and this is even before mentioning the magical traps.


The corridor ends in a iron door with an amazing lock that opens into the Divisional Treasury. Great iron chests hold thousands of gold and silver coins, gems and jewellery sit in cases, and magical items sit on display. A good proportion of this was transported over to help fund the operation but an increasing amount of the wealth is now being generated by the sale of ‘Acquisitions’ to the museum and treasures found on expeditions.


Geneth holds the only key to the Treasure Room.









Important Notes/Adaptations


I have used Pouches instead of Jil in Drakthars Way. In my opinion Jil is a villain and having her assist the party seems a bit disjointed. 


I have swapped the owner of the Trinkets shop (Demonskar Legacy) with Pouches and his constant companion Patch (the blink dog not the Orphanage worker). I have also changed the mysterious informant (Flood Season) to a halfling rogue named Snival who works for the Last Laugh and, by chance, is Pockets nephew. Pockets is embarrassed of his nephew due to all the underhanded dealings and scams he has inflicted on others, including his family, in the past. Pouches keeps this affiliation secret  but still watches out for his trouble-finding nephew.


I have changed the location of the ‘Gems Game’ to the Acquirers guild rather than the Cusp of Sunrise. It is played twice a week with  the mid week game having three tables (silver, gold and platinum) while at weeks end a ‘True Gems Game’ is played. This game is played by the best ‘Acquirer gamblers’ (Pouches, Geneth, Falliwing) and their closest allies (Skie, Maavu etc) along with invited guests will engaging in friendly banter and partaking in a refreshing beverage and light meal. This ‘True Gems’ game uses real gems to bet with, usually less valuable varieties but occasionally with emeralds, rubies and even diamonds. 


Adventure Path Timeline & Organisation Uses/Links


Chapter One (Life’s Bazaar)

At the beginning of the Path the Acquirers are still settling in to Cauldron. They have already gains some allies and recruited a small number of rogues to assist in their operations. Some of these were once members of the Last Laugh or Alleybashers so screening them for loyalty, aptitude and skill is a crucial component of team assembly so far. Pouches has been given this vital role.


Vhalantru is suspicious of the organisation and has enlisted the Last Laugh to infiltrate the guild to keep a better eye on their motivations, members and successes. Too this aim the Last Laugh has been able to plant a ‘sleeping’ spy/assassin into the headquarters themselves in the way of the cook who they intend to awaken if the need ever arises.


Last Laugh has also requested that a few of their rogues ‘join’ the team, all of which have somehow been found out and subsequently rejected by Pouches to date (Pouches nephew, Snivals, has assisted Pouches in this)


The party may learn and contact the organisation through various means but most likely through Pouches.

-          Pouches may rescue the party from an attack by a group of Alleybashers or Last Laugh one evening.

-          Pouches may act as a convenient method to purchasing or selling unusual goods, items or relics in the Tipped Takard.

-          Pouches may approach the party and tell them they are being shadowed by two cloaked Half Elves.

-          Pouches may even just buy them a drink one night and introduce himself and his blink dog – Patches.


Chapter Two (Drakthar’s Way)

If he hasn’t already Pouches will meet the party when they are looking for the source of the goblins raids on the city. The Last Laugh keeps a vigilant eye over the guild but remain unalarmed. Most of the Acquirers work is currently directed outside Cauldron, in small ruins and dungeons so they are not impacting greatly on the ‘true’ guilds at this point.


Pouches may introduce the party to his eccentric drinking buddy Raltar at this stage and have the stuttering intellect share his obsession with Sunken Civilisation and Kingdoms and his research into the Kopru Empire that once ruled the region. This will pave the way for next chapter’s incursion into the Kopru Ruins. When Raltar goes to get a drink Pouches will inform the party that if they can acquire a relic from such a ancient civilisation and procure it for Raltar such an act would be highly rewarded financially and professionally by him.


Chapter Three (Flood Season)

The party will met with Snival for the first time this Chapter when he offers them information at the Cauldron Lakeside Pavilion about Triel. Like his uncle Snival has a broad ‘Irish’ accent and makes sure he leaves the party with  -‘Make sure ye say a cheereo to me Uncle Poches now ye here!’ before disappearing.


If the party can locate a statuette, a relic. a map or even make an etching of something within the Kopru ruins and bring it back to Pouches and Ralter in the Tipped Tankard, they are rewarded. Raltar and Pouches suggest coming back to the Headquarter to receive the reward and while relaxing in the Parlour Raltar rewards the party with 500 gp in pearls and Pouches asks the rogue of the party if they would wish to join the organisation.


The party may also be invited to a game of ‘True Gems’ where they can met the organizations leader for the first time – Geneth, and the Acquirers Mage – Falliwing. Meeting Maavu during this game is also a great way to foreshadow the future tax riot. Maavu spends a great deal of time grumbling about Cauldrons unfair taxes during the game while Skye admits that her prices may soon have to increase also because of the taxes.  Maavu also gives Falliwing his medicine which he buys from Sasserine.


At the end of the night Maavu waits until Skye leaves and then quietly invites the party to come visit his warehouses and see some the magical goods he has recently purchased before he sells them to Skye. This gives the party a reason to be in the area when the Fiendish Umberhulk attacks at the start of the chapter four.




 Chapter Four (Zenith’s Trajectory)

At the beginning of this chapter, assuming the party has met with Maavu and taken up his offer, the Umber Hulk attacks just before the party reaches Maavu’s Warehouse. Maavu emerges in the aftermath and tells the party, in no uncertain terms, that this attack was no accident, the whole government is corrupt and he was going to go speak to some friends who will fix everything.


The party are eventually sent on a mission into the Underdark and the Koa-Toa Hold after meeting with Celeste. If they think to discuss this with Raltar he can impart a great deal of information about the race to the party. In addition he believes the Hold may contain a great array of beautiful Koa-Toa frescos, ceramics and even tapestries. If the party can return with a Koa-Toa tapestry, fresco paints and a crafted pot Raltar will ask Skye to reward them with her discount from that point on or, if they already have the discount, give them 50% off any of her items for the day.



Chapter Five (Demonskar Legacy)

The Last Laugh report to Vhalantru about the increased collusion and strengthening alliance between the Acquirers and other prominent Cauldron citizens including Maavu. Fearing possible future opposition from the Acquirers, Vhalantru instructs the Last Laugh to awaken the ‘sleeper’ to dispose of the Organisation Research Team and Leadership group.


As the party enter the Demonskar and Vaprak’s Voice, during the night, Mandy (the cook) arms herself and creeps up the stairs into the upper levels and the bedrooms. Mandy first disposes of Raltar as he sleeps before moving down towards Geneth’s room. Before reaching the door though, Hallow burst out of his room and attacked Mandy and yelled for help. Before she could escape, Hallow and Geneth trapped Mandy between them and quickly disposed of her.


They take Raltar’s mutilated body and Mandy’s corpse down to the Church of St Cuthbert where Jenya is able to use Speak with Dead to learn that Mandy was affiliated with The Last Laugh. Jenya is unable to Raise Raltar in his current state so Geneth takes him to the Church of Wee Jas that same night, where he hopes Embril can resurrect him.


Chapter Six (Test of the Smoking Eye)

Geneth prepares for an attack by the Last Laugh and strengthens up fortifications and operations at Headquarters and in the city. Last Laugh operatives attempt to ambush known Acquirers and dispose of 4 warriors and 3 rogues. Pockets is also waylaid but is able to escape his attackers with the help of Patches.


Geneth attempts to call back all surviving members to Headquarters and prepares for any attack. Fortunately for the Acquirers Vhalantru’s attention is turned to other matters and opposing organizations at the time so delays his next attack for the time being.



Chapter Seven (Secrets of the Soul Pillars)

The party return to find Cauldron a very different place and the Acquirers Headquarters in siege mode.


Geneth asks the party to escort Pouches to the Lakeside Pavillon that night where he hopes to meet with Snival and find out more about the Last Laugh and their plans. When they arrive Snival is waiting. The Wee Jas assassins attack here led by Jil. Snival half-heartedly attacks saying ‘I’m so sorry uncle’. ‘What are you doing Snival ‘ Pouches replies, ‘Why he’s distracting you long enough so I can kill you dear Pouches’ says Jil materialising from behing Pouches. Jil assassinates Pouches and Snival stands mute in despair. Jil knocks Patches unconscious before attempting to flee with Pouches body and the motionless Snival (teleporting away with a scroll) to the Church of Wee Jas.


Jil instructs Ike to plane shift Pouches body away with Raltars body to avoid any resurrection. Ike attempts to contact Embril with a Sending without success while fortifying the church and delays plane shifting the bodies until the threat of attack has passed.


After the assassination attempt and subsequent discovery that the Church of Wee Jas instigated it, the party realize that Raltar’s and Pouches bodies are in the hands of their enemies. The bodies are left with the body of the Stormblade member.


Returning wit h relics from the Spell Weavers Enclave may be a small silver lining for the Acquirers on an otherwise disastrous few weeks. 


Chapter Eight (Lords of Oblivion)

 Hunting down Snival leads the party to the Last Laugh Safe House in this Chapter. Meerthan knows Fario is being held by Jil but is unable to locate the safehouse. Meerthan did see Snival so by following the traitorous halfling the party will be able to find Fario.  If the party confront Snival he will voluntarily guide them to the Safehouse claiming to care nothing for his own life now.


Geneth finds out the location of the Last Laughs Guild. Geneth makes an alliance with the Alleybashers and calls in as many as his ally’s as available to first pick off the Last Last members in the city and make an assault on the guild itself.


In the aftermath Falliwing and Geneth attempt to discover more of the Cagewrights and try to find a way to resurrect Pouches and Raltar. Falliwing gets progressively sick and feeble during this chapter without Maavu’s medicine.


Chapter Nine (Foundation of Fire)

As the lake boils and water level rises the Acquirers Headquarters will be quickly lost. Geneth reluctantly organises the evacuation from the headquarters leaving much of the relics behind. Falliwing is extremely weak and casting spells at this point could potentially kill him. Geneth effectively has to support and later carry the mage to safety. Geneth leads the team to Redforge and hopefully Maavu, to save Falliwing. 

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