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SCAP Ch 0 NPC descriptions

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Ruphus laro

Human cleric (St. cuthbert) lvl: 3

HP: 16, AC: 14, Init: -1


Ruphus is jenya urikas’s personal assistant. He runs around doing odd jobs for jenya such as delivering messages and running errands. Besides a slight stutter, there is nothing remarkable about him. He secretly has a crush on jenya and thinks by doing what she says; he’ll gain her respect and maybe even love.  He is also grateful to the Queens justice for rescuing him from a band of last-laugh thugs and will willingly assist them in any way he can.


Jenya Urikas

Human cleric (St. Cuthbert) lvl: 7

HP 42, AC: 17, Init: -1


Jenya is 30 years old, has brown eyes and likes to wear her gray streaked hair in various elaborate styles. Although she stands only 5’4” tall, she walks tall and confronts evil with merciless resolve. Her good nature belies her fierce convictions, and she freely supports capital punishment for despicable crimes.


Alek Tercival

Human aristocrat lvl: 5 / paladin lvl: 4

HP: 58, AC: 20, Init: +1


Alek Tercival, heir to one of the city’s greatest families became a paladin after his father’s death left him destitute. With the assistance of his childhood friend Jenya Urikas, Alek joined the church of St. Cuthbert with a strong (if rather flamboyant) passion. Alek’s advancement in the church has been painfully slow, but throughout it all his devotion has remained strong.


Sergeant Skylar Krewis

Human fighter lvl: 4

HP: 30, AC: 17, Init: +1


Krewis is 5’10” with brown hair and a long, thin scar down the left side of his face. He is a loyal and brave young man and although he serves under Terseon Skellerang, he is a fair-minded and understanding soldier. After a brief but fruitful adventuring experience, he started his new career to settle down and marry in Cauldron. Like all soldiers, Krewis must follow orders, but is also even minded.


Jax Belious (proprietor of the slippery eel tavern)

Human commoner lvl: 4

HP: 8, AC: 10, Init: 0


Jax is5’4”, has light brown hair and a very crooked nose. A long time native of Caldron, few people know he was born in the capital city. He has run the Slippery Eel tavern for many years now and rents out rooms on the second and third floor to those willing to pay and put up with his overly critical observations.  Rooms for rent run for 80-gp room and bored.


Halpeen Welvihk  (proprietor of the drunken morkoth inn)

Human male expert lvl: 6

HP: 18, AC: 12, Init: +2


Halpeen came to Cauldron 25 years ago to fulfill her dream of opening up a great restaurant he takes great pride in the drunken morkoth inn and it’s reputation as the best eatery on the west side (his main computation in town is the Coy Nixie on the east side).  Halpeen is very well mannered, believing in winning people over politeness. He is also going blind and is very nearsighted.


Pilok Minuta (proprietor of minuta’s board)

Human Male commoner lvl: 3

HP: 6, AC: 10, Init: 0


Pilok is a very sweaty, 5’5” man who was born poor. Through hard work, he skimped and saved enough to buy a rundown boarding house, which he named after himself.  Pilok takes on all boarders so he can make enough money as fast as possible to get him out of the slums.


Rivek Mol (proprietor of the Tipped Tankard)

Human male Rogue1/expert4

HP: 14, AC: 11, Init: +1


Rivek is not only the owner of the Tipped Tankard but also an informant for the last laugh guild. He has a very easy going personality that he uses to make people as comfortable as possible and try to squeeze them for information that would be useful for his guild. He is a tall (6’1”), black man with a shinny baldhead.





Killiken Deldor (Works for Maavu as his money changer)

Gnome male Rogue4/expert4

HP: 27 AC: 18, Init +2


Killiken has worked for Maavu for a number of years and enjoys his job very much to the point that he has had magical reconstruction done on his eyes to help him perform his duties better. In all aspects he appears as a normal gnome except for his eyes, which are huge. His large eyes give him the abilities of a pair of Goggles of Minute Seeing, but with a +10 bonus instead of the standard +5. Killiken is a very efficient and precise in all aspects of life and finds people who think otherwise very annoying.


Phalian Gurnezarn (blacksmith and proprietor of Gurnezarn’s Smithy)

Human male Expert6

HP: 18, AC: 10, Init 0


Phalian is a large, burly man with a close cut beard and a broad smile. He loves to work his forge just as much as he loves to drink and tell stories at the local tavern. Unfortunately he has a very short attention span and needs to be reminded daily (if not more) about the projects he’s working on. Written notes and lists are useless because he cannot read or write.


Vortimax Weer (Alchemist and proprietor of Weer’s Elixirs)

Human male wizard10

HP: 22, AC: 12, Init: 0


Vortimax studded at the renowned magic college of Bigby’s Hall. He is a very civic minded individual and truly believes in the betterment of society through the distribution of magic and alchemy to the common man. Vortimax is always fidgeting with something and talks very fast, sometimes about nothing at all.


Bjellkir Zanathor (proprietor of Zanathor’s Provisions)

Human male commoner3

HP: 6, AC: 9, Init: -1


Bjellkir is getting old in life and spends most of his time in a park near his shop feeding the birds. He hangs a sign in the door telling people that he is there and when people come over to get him, he gives them the impression that there bothering him. Bjellkir has no family and few friends and is slowly becoming bitter with the fact that all he has is his shop. Bjellkir has white, wispy hair and stoops a little from his old age.


Kristof Jurgensen (Cleric at the Shrine of Pelor)

Human male cleric4

HP: 16, AC: 10, Init 0


Kristof, usually an upbeat and optimistic person, he is feeling the pressure of being thrust into the position of head cleric of the shrine of pelor. Kristof only has 2 other clerics to help now and if focused on the survival of the temple above all other things. Kristof is a young man that looks older from the constant stress of his new position. He has also started to drink quite a bit in order to try to get by.


Asfelkir Hranleurt (high priest of the Temple of Lordly Might, Kord)

Half-orc claric9

HP: 45, AC: 20, Init: +4


Asfelkir sees everything in life as a test or computation. This trait brought him to the priesthood of kord and has helped him advance quite rapidly through the ranks. The glory of Kord is his main priority in his life right now and he will let nothing stop him in achieving his goals. Asfrlkir is overbearing and a little bit of a bully. He tries to use his position as high priest and his physical appearance (he’s 6’10”, 380lbs) to intimidate others to do what he wants.


Artus Shemwich (fence, information broker, and cook at Tipped Tankard)

Human male rogue7

HP: 23, AC: 14, Init: +2 (see “Flood Season, p43)


Artus is a fairly nondescript man in his early twenties, but this is mostly an act. He can turn on the charm with ease, and cleans up real nice when he wants to make an impression on an important client. Artus is loosely affiliated with the last laugh and he keeps track of his best customers.

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