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SCAP Ch 0 Timeline

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-1800 Years ago: great cataclysm destroys the spell weaver’s city. Portals to the abyss open randomly in the region for the nest century, allowing demons to gather and grow strong in the ruins. The massive crater later becomes known as the Demonskar.


-710 years ago: one of the greatest wizards of all time, Surabar Spellmason, receives a vision from Nidrama, a great angel and guarden of the area, who has grown concerned about the demon infestation in the region. She gifts Surabar with a potent magic weapon named Alakast. And charges him with the task of settling the region and driving out the demonic taint in the Demonskar.


-700 years ago: Surabar leads a small army inland from the newly founded Capital, on the pretense of founding a new city of his own. He founds Redgorge in the shadow of a great volcano, and raises the Basalt Bastions to protect his men from attack while they begin building.


-695 years ago: Kozomagon Lidu, one of Surabar’s friends and competitors arrives in the region and founds the village of Liduuton, intending to horn in on what ever action had enticed her friend into the region.


-690 years ago: Surabar defeats Nabthatoron in combat and breaks the back of the demon host from the Demonskar’s while the place remains dangerous to this day, the demons never fully recover from this sound defeat, and have remained in the crater. Yeenoghu exiles Nabthatoron to the Material Plane in disgust. During the battle against Nabthatoron, Kozomagon tries to draw upon the power of an ancient kopru necropolis she discovered on the nearby lakebed, but loses control over the necromantic energy and destroys the village of Liduton instead. The village becomes known as the Haunted Village, and is shunned from this point on.


-680 years ago: discovery of numerous profitable mines in the region attracts hundreds of prospectors and adventurers. Redgorge quickly outgrows its walls. Sunabar determines that the nearby volcano is extinct, and that its cauldron would make an excellent natural defense against attack from Nabthatoron’s armies. Many of Redgorge’s inhabitant’s relocate to the region-Cauldon is founded. Over the centuries, the discovery of many large underground complexes and caverns below the city draws the attention of dwarves and gnomes from far and wide. Two of these regions become Jzadirune and the Malachite fortress.


-650 years ago: Surabar dies of natural causes. He is entombed in an undisclosed location. Over the next several centuries, Cauldron continues to prosper.


-600 years ago: Kingfisher Hollow and Hollowsky are founded. The citizens hold there own against the nearby yuan-ti, and even mange to drive them back from several small encampments on the jungle’s edge.


-400 years ago: Shatterhorn, the yuan-ti’s blessed stronghold in the region, is sundered by Merrshaulk’s (the yuan-ti's god) displeasure with the religious leaders and their inability to drive back the advance of humanity; the yuan-ti presence in the area dwindles to a shadow of its former glory.


-250 years ago: With the completion of the Westroyal road, Cauldron’s economy explodes from trade with the Capital. Some of the nobles use there position to monopolize the traffic of cretin rare and sought after commodities.


-200 years ago: The red dragon Hookface arrives in the region. His attacks on merchants and cities of the region continue intermittently for a century – no heroes are able to defeat the dragon.


-150 years ago: a great earth quack rocks Cauldron and kills many. Thinking that the volcano is awakening, the city is evacuats. The truth turns out to be a mad wizards attempt to destroy his prier master at the Bluecreater Academy. The populous returns to the city after a band of hero’s confront and do away with the mad wizard on the steps of the academy.


-100 years ago: Hookface retreats to his lair north of Cauldron with his mate, Taliraxia. The two dragons emerge rarely, usually during great upheaval (earthquakes, war, ect.). Most red dragons encountered in the region are believed to be the couple’s offspring.


-75 years ago: Jzadirune is hit with a deadly decease named the Vanishing. The gnomes abandon the stronghold and never return.


-65 years ago: A great Frost Giant known as Jarl Khurak is able to unite the local stone giants, hill giants and ogre tribes to lay sedge on Cauldron. In desperation, the lord Mayer hires a band of adventures to steel away and kidnap the frost giant’s daughter and use her to break the sedge. After successfully breaking into the unguarded frost giants keep and securing the capture of Khurak’s daughter, the giants quickly retreat back to their strong hold. Because of their haste, they did not detect the ambush set by the band of adventures and the giant army falls victim to an immense rockslide. The surviving giants withdraw into the wilderness and never again threatened Cauldron in any organized manor.


-32 years ago: The rainiest winter in centuries results in massive flood damage to the lower reaches of Cauldron. The Flood Festival is founded the next year, and for the next several years the freakishly wet winters continue before the weather finally returns to normal.


-15 years ago: Cauldron’s newest noble, a generous lord named Vhalantru, is welcomed into the city’s aristocracy after he donates huge sums of money to fund the rebuilding of the Town Hall and several other ancient structures that were starting to fall apart. Because of his generosity, Lord Vhalantru becomes one of the most liked nobles, second only to the lord mayor.


-12 years ago: After uncovering some deep seeded corruption in the town guard, a young Sargent named Terseon Skellerang enthusiastically (and some say viciously) help bring to justice those who are involved. With the support of lord Vhalantru, Skellerang is quickly promoted to the new Captain of the guard, where he quickly earns a reputation for ruthless efficiency


-10 years ago: Zenith Splintershield rallies a small army in his mad crusade to cleanse the Underdark of its evil. He is never heard from again. The name Splintershield is well known in the region for honor and goodness. The loss of the Splintersheilds in Cauldron is a disturbing event among the dwarven communities.


-7 years ago: a plague of filth fever strikes Cauldron. Several hundred die before the city’s clerics can get the plague under control.


-2 years ago: The three highest ranking clerics of Pelor go missing. Thought to be murdered, rumors spread of infighting among the churches of Cauldron. Nothing ever comes of the initial investigation and the matter is never settled.


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