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SCAP Ch 1 - Life's Bazaar

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Wherein an overzealous merchant from deep below harvests too aggressively from a local orphanage, and overstays his welcome in the foundations below - taken from the table of contents of the Shackled City Hardcover.


Recommended Levels - 1-2 lvl


Adventure synopsis


By saving a local priest, the newly arrived group finds out that a number of the citizens of Cauldron have been kidnapped in the last 3 months.  The priest is most concerned about orphans that have been recently taken.  The group's investigations allow them to investigate the orphanage and possibly meet up with other rescuers.  Eventually, clues lead them to a "supposedly abandoned" underground gnomish city.  There they find denizens of the Underdark and a dwarven guard post that has been taken over by a slave trader.  When the group finds the main slave bazaar, a beholder appears and rescues one of the orphans.  It then disappears, leaving the group to fight the slave trader. 


Helpful Files


SCAP Ch 1 Descriptive text - A page with all of the "boxed text" to be read to players.  This is used for ease of play during IRC or play-by-e-mail role-playing.

SCAP Chapter 1 Statblocks v1.1.doc - The statblocks of monsters in the adventure.

SRD Stat Blocks Chap 01.doc - The SRD statblocks and descriptions of monsters in Chapter 1

Shackled City - Encounter Chart 01.xls - A listing of all monsters and their CR

AP01-Item List.xls - List of all treasure that can be found in the adventure.

Dreams - Chapter 1  - Nightmares for the Dream Haunted Character

Recent Abductees - A listing of everyone how has been kidnapped.  This is the written version of the handout found in Ch01Artwork.rar

Kingfisher Sending.doc - A letter from Vervil Ashmantle to Kazmojen using Kingfisher Sendings.

Ch 1 Tax Notice.doc - Tax notice for Chapter 1

World of Brandes - Ch01 Life's Bazaar.pdf - Chapter 1 modifications from World of Brandes


Local Newspapers


Cauldron Herald Nov 1 680.pdf

Cauldron Herald Nov 8 680.pdf

Cauldron Herald Nov 15 680.pdf

Scroll and Feather - Life's Bazaar I.doc

Scroll and Feather - Life's Bazaar II.doc

Quill&Parchment - 01

Quill&Parchment - 02

Echo 01.pub - Microsoft Publisher format




Ch01Artwork.rar - Contains artwork from the adventure, including player handouts

Ch01Monsters.rar - Contains pictures of monsters from the adventure from various sources

Life's Bazaar - Monster Tokens.zip - Small pictures for creating tokens if you don't have miniatures for the board

Life's Bazaar Maps - Campaign Cartographer.zip - All of the maps in Campaign Cartographer format

Alley - Dundjinni.zip - a JPG of the alley from Event 1 using Dundjinni.

Alley - Scan.zip - a JPG of the alley from Event 1

SCAPCh01buildmap.rar - Maps for the Church of St Cuthbert and the orphanage

Ghelve's Locks - Dundjinni.zip - a JPG of Ghelve's Locks done using Dundjinni.

Ghelve's Locks - Scan.zip - a JPG of Ghelve's Locks map

Ghelves.rar - An XCF file from GIMP that contains a map of Ghelve's Locks with rooms selectable by layers.

Jzadirune - Photoshop Layers.zip - A Photoshop file that has each room as a separate layer.

Jzadirune - Scan.zip  - High-res JPG of Jzadirune map

JZADIRUN.rar - An XCF file from GIMP that contains a map of Jzadirune with the secrets hidden.  They can be revealed by selecting to hide the appropriate layers.

Jzadirune.rar - High-res BMP file of Jzadirune done in Dundjinni.

Malachite Fortress - Photoshop Layers.rar - A Photoship file that has each room as a separate layer.

Malachite Fortress - Scan.zip - High-res JPG of the Malachite Fortress map

MALACHIT.rar - An XCF file from GIMP that contains a map of the Malachite Fortress with the secrets hidden.  They can be revealed by selecting to hide the appropriate layers.

MalachiteFortress.rar  - High-res BMP of Malachite Fortress done in Dundjinni


Additional Ideas


Trial of Keygan Ghelve - Many people have expanded on the trial of Keygan.  This thread provides some details of how DMs have handled this.

Vhalantru as a patron of the group or of one PC. 

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