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SCAP Ch 3 - Flood Season

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Wherein a solid plan to ransom captured wands turns sour for three friends and their employees, and a local luminary loses his tongue - taken from the table of contents of the Shackled City Hardcover.


Recommended Levels - 4th lvl


Adventure synopsis


Cauldron begins celebrating the Flood Festival.  During this, the group is approached by Jenya from the Church of St Cuthbert regarding a message from the High Priest Sarcem.  Heading out to the Lucky Monkey, they attempt to rescue him.  Once there, they realize that the Wands of Control Water have been stolen.  It is possible that Cauldron will be damaged if they are not recovered.  Their investigations lead them to people deep inside the dormant volcano that hope to ransom the wands back to the city.   


Helpful Files


SCAP Chapter 3 Descriptive Text - A page with all of the "boxed text" to be read to players.  This is used for ease of play during IRC or play-by-e-mail role-playing.

AP03-Item List.xls - List of all items in Chapter 3

FdS_Baguettes_2_0.pdf - A french document with pictures of the Wands of Control Water

Dreams - Chapter 3  - Nightmares for the Dream-Haunted character.

Shackled City - Encounter Chart 03.xls - All of the monsters and their CRs

SCAP_Chapter3_Statblocks.doc - Statblocks for all monsters

Skaven-diary.pdf - Long diary

SkavenDiaryGH.rar - Reworked Skaven-diary.pdf that uses a handwritten font (included in rar) and uses Greyhawk calender dates

SRD_Stat_Blocks_Chap3.doc - Statblocks and descriptions of SRD monsters

Tax Notice for Flood Season.doc - Tax notice for Chapter 3

Umbermead diary.doc - A short diary

Werebaboon.doc - Monster stats for creating other werebaboons

Werebaboon template.doc - An alternate template for making characters into werebaboons

Temple of Lordly Might events.docx - A flier describing a set of Festival events put on by Kord's Temple

Drinking contest flier.bmp - a description of the drinking contest at the various taverns


Local Newspapers


Cauldron Echo 002_A3.pdf

Cauldron Herald #dec15 680.pdf

Cauldron Herald #dec22 680.pdf

Cauldron Herald #jan1 681.pdf

Cauldron Herald #jan5 681.pdf

Cauldron Herald #jan6 681.doc

Cauldron Herald #jan7 681.pdf

Cauldron Herald # jan 8 681.pdf

Cauldron Herald #jan15 681.pdf

Cauldron Herald #jan22 681.pdf

Cauldron Herald #feb15 681.pdf

Cauldron Herald #march15 681.pdf

Cauldron Herald #april15 681.pdf

Scroll and Feather for Flood Season.doc

Scroll and Feather for Flood Season II.doc

Scroll and Feather for Flood Season III.doc 

Quill&Parchment - 04

Quill&Parchment - 05

Quill&Parchment - 06

Quill&Parchment - 07

Quill&Parchment - 08

Cauldron Stew 72.docx

Cauldron Stew 73.docx

Cauldron Stew 74.docx

Cauldron Stew 75.docx




SCAPCh03highresmaps.rar - A document with maps that can be pieced together

SCAPCh03KRHandouts.rar - Handouts and pictures for the Kopru ruins

SCAPCh03KRhighresJPGs.rar - Kopru ruins high resolution jpgs

SCAPCh03KRMonsters.rar - Pictures for all the monsters encountered in Chapter 3

SCAPCh03KRXCF.rar - A GIMP file of the Kopru Ruins

SCAPCh03LMHandouts.rar - Handouts and  pictures for the Lucky Monkey

SCAPCh03LMMaps.rar - High resolution maps of the Lucky Monkey

SCAPCh03LMMonsters.rar - Pictures of all monsters encountered at the Lucky Monkey

SCAPCh03NPCs.rar - Pics of NPCs seen in the adventure, including Jil without makeup and Triel

SCAPCh03planchepions.rar - Alternate tokens for adventures

SCAPCh03Tactique.rar - A tactical file for DMs

SCAPCh03tokens.rar - Tokens for the monsters


Additional Ideas


PreSCAP visit to Lucky Monkey.rar - This file contains a web page that details some foreshadowing information of having the characters visit the Lucky Monkey before they arrive in Cauldron.

Flood festival - A number of events can be added to spice up the festival, allowing competitive characters to enjoy themselves more.

Demonskar Ball - This is an extra that shouldn't be missed.


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