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SCAP Ch 4 - Zenith Trajectory

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Wherein a tribe of the Sea Mother's children suffer for sparing the life of a mad prisoner they probably should have eaten - taken from the table of contents of the Shackled City Hardcover.


Recommended Levels - 6th lvl


Adventure synopsis


The adventure begins with an Umber Hulk attack in the middle of the city.  The fame gained by assisting during the attack allows them to gain the notice of a representative of Davked Splintershield.  The group is asked to rescue Zenith Splintershield from a Kuo-Toan temple in the Underdark.  But to find it, they have to visit Crazy Jared to locate an entrance to it.  Upon journeying to Crazy Jared's, they fight Hookface's offspring.  After more travelling, they are able to descend into the Underdark.  Once they find the Kuo-Toan temple, they must fight through many hard challenges, only to realize that Zenith is not a prisoner, but instead is a prophet.  Zenith does not go willingly, and so must be captured.



Helpful Files


SCAP Chapter 4 Descriptive Text -A page with all of the "boxed text" to be read to players.  This is used for ease of play during IRC or play-by-e-mail role-playing.

AP04-Item List.xls - List of all items that can be found in Chapter 4

Bonecracker (replaces Garrakk).pdf - This replaces the mummy found in the Kuo-Toan temple.

Shackled City - Encounter Chart 04.xls - Lists all encounters and their CRs

SCAPCh04MCards.rar - Monster cards for each encounter

SCAPCh04-4Econv.rar - 4th Edition conversion of the monsters

SCAP_Chapter4_Statblocks.doc - Statblocks for the monsters

SRD_Stat_Blocks_Chap4.doc - SRD statblocks and descriptions for the monsters


Local Newspapers


Cauldron Echo 003_A3.pdf 

Cauldron Herald 2.pdf - This is a different version of the Cauldron Herald

Cauldron Herald #may5 681.pdf

Cauldron Herald #july8 681.doc 

Scroll and Feather for Racing the Snake.doc

Scroll and Feather for Zenith Trajectory.doc

Quill&Parchment - 09

Quill&Parchment - 10

Quill&Parchment - 11

Quill&Parchment - 12

Cauldron Stew 76.docx




SCAPCh04FCW.rar - Campaign Cartographer files for the Kuo Toan temple

SCAPCh04handouts.rar - Artwork from the adventure

SCAPCh04Highres.rar - High resolution maps broken up into Word files

SCAPCh04maps.rar - Maps for all locations

SCAPCh04Monsters.rar - Pictures of the monsters encountered in this adventure

SCAPCh04NPCs.rar - Pictures of NPCs met during the adventure

SCAPCh04XCF.rar - GIMP files for the various locations from the adventure

SCAPCh04PSD.rar - Photoshop maps with reveal sections


Additional Ideas


Capture of Scarred Soul Character - A foreshadowing event to highlight that Orbius and the Last Laugh are working together

Shebeleth entrance - Another foreshadowing event 

Dealing with Aushanna has put many a group at the edge (or beyond) a TPK. Several ideas have sprung forth to either avoid this unfortunate event or provide alternatives on how to continue the campaign despite

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