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SCAP Ch 7 - Secrets of the Soul Pillars

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Wherein the local clergy makes the terrible mistake of not hiring enough assassins for the job - taken from the table of contents of the Shackled City Hardcover.


Recommended Levels - 12


Adventure synopsis


The heroes have just returned from the abyss (Occipitus) and reestablish themselves in Cauldron, when they are assaulted by a group of professional assassins. After they repel the attack, they trace back the lead to the temple of Wee Jas, where they find plenty of opposition from the second in command, Ike Iverson. After dipatching of the cleric and securing of a (spare) soul cage, the group finds evidence of a place important to the cagewrights' cause - an ancient underground complex named Karran Kurral. Mounting an expedition to that place, they find more evidence towards the horrific destiny on schedule for Cauldron. However, they gain access to the Soul Pillars after defeating a dracolich, that they can use to gather plenty of intelligence on the cagewrights' plans.


Helpful Files

SCAPCH7-Pathfinder NPC Stats for Temple of Wee Jas Encounters - Pathfinder NPC Stats for Wee Jass Template encounters.

SCAPCH07-Temple of Wee Jas and Karran Kural-with Reveal Layers-PSD.zip - Has reveals for each area for overhead projector use.

SCAPCh07-4econv.rar  - 4E conversion for this chapter

SCAP Chapter 7 Descriptive Text - A page with all of the "boxed text" to be read to players.  This is used for ease of play during IRC or play-by-e-mail role-playing.

Assassin 1 Statblock  - Kennock Brage

Assassin 2 Statblock  - Tulrak Gar

Assassin 3 Statblock  - Zaenna Quaespin

An (optional) 4th assassin  - Human Fighter

Statblock Zharik Dhor  - The half-dragon offspring of the black dragon in Bhal-Hamatugn comes for the PCs

Statblock Zharik Dhor tweaked  - A spiced up version of Zharik Dhor for the better prepared.

Calmus Vel Statblock  - Cleric in Temple of Wee Jas

Half-Orc Guard Statblock  - Guard

Ike Iverson Statblock  - Embril's subordinate

Ike Iverson's strategy - Round by round description of Ike's strategy in the battle against the players.

Karran Kurral Statblocks  - All statblocks of encounters in Karran Kurral

Fetor's strategy  - Round by round description of Fetor Abradius' strategy battling the PCs.

Skill Challenge - A skill challenge example instead of the post assassination investigation.


Local Newspapers


Scroll & Feather - read Quill & Parchment ;-)

Cauldron Herald Sep 15 681

Cauldron Herald Sep 22 681

Cauldron Herald Okt 1 681

Quill&Parchment - 17

Quill&Parchment - 18

Quill&Parchment - 19

Quill&Parchment - 20




SCAPCh07handouts.rar - Handouts including 2 different versions of Fetor's letter to Embril

SCAPCh07maps.rar - Maps for the adventures

SCAPCh07Monsters.rar - Monsters in the adventure

SCAPCh07NPCs.rar - NPCs pictures

Tipped Tankard

Temple of Wee Jas

Ruins of Karran Kurral part 1

Ruins of Karran Kurral part 2


Additional Ideas


To further cement the PCs motivation to go to Karran Kurran, the DM can have Ike Iverson disappear during the fight, using a traceable means of escape and strong pointers towards the spell-weaver complex. Some DMs have reported that their group retreats after the first or even during the second fight to recuperate and then assault the temple again. If that happens, Ike's escape could seem quite natural.


Zharik Dhor can be used to foreshadow Gau Kleeoch, either as a lover, as a mother or a sister.  It is also possible that Zarik is from the same minotaur village in the Underdark as Gau.  Depending on the way the PCs deal with Zharik, more or less information can be leaked.


Attack on the Church of Kord - Shebeleth's scheme unfolds


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