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Shackled City starting info page

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The Shackled City Adventure Path is written to take place in the World of Greyhawk in the Amedio Jungle, but can be revised for varous other locations.  These include:



Included in the hardcover were a number of traits that starting characters could take to enrich their characters and more closely tie them into the storyline. 


  • Child of Jzadirune
  • Demonscarred
  • Dream Haunted - Your dreams are haunted by strange visions or tortured landscapes and deformed monsters.  In some dreams, you are the deformed monster! - Many dreams have been written by creative DMs and can be seen here.
  • Long Shadowed
  • Mark of the Beast
  • Nobility
  • Scarred Soul - This trait ties directly into the plot of the SCAP, as you are pursued by the Cagewrights.  This is an example of something that could happen to them.
  • Scion of Surabar - This person is descended from Surabar Spellmason, founder of Redgorge and Cauldron.  A dream, a painting and the possibility of recovering Crescentia are ways to tie this character into the story even more.
  • Touched in the Head
  • Wyrm-blooded


In addition, a number of resources have been created to assist with the area of the Cauldron including:







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