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Siege of Redgorge

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There have been a number of different ways of handling this siege.   All agree that the Town Council of Cauldron would not back down even if Alek is found.  They want Maavu, and the Cagewrights will benefit from having Redgorge weakened.


invasion of redgorge stats.doc - These are 3.5 stats for the various attackers

SCAPCh05SR1.rar - One possible handling of the Siege

SCAPCh05SR2.rar - Delvesdeep's handling of the Siege

SCAPCh05SRMonsters.rar - Pictures of demons and the Blue Duke

TheRedgorgeSiegeBeforeSmokingEye.pdf - A third version of the Siege


Below is a more narrative handling that assumes the dwarves of Cauldron retreated to Redgorge after the Malachite Fortress was collapsed instead of being handed back to them.


The Blue Duke manipulates Skellerang with his guile and a well placed charm person spell. He tricks Skellerang into attacking early and without proper preparation. Skellerang leads the charge on the Cauldron gate. The charge is repelled, but Skellerang is stabbed in the back by one of the Blue's men. Many of the men loyal to Skellerang are killed. The Blue Duke takes over command of the Cauldron forces and proclaims himself to be captain of the guard.

The Blue Duke secretly sends a message to Nabthatoron, claiming Redgorge is his for the taking. Nabthatoron gathers his most powerful forces and heads for Redgorge.

Terseon's Speech to Redgorge

    Citizens of Redgorge. We have long lived in peace as neighbors.  Cauldron and Redgorge have been allies and partners for hundreds of years and share a mutual respect. Surabar Spellmason founded both our great settlements as his greatest legacy to the frontier lands. But now this is all being threatened by a small group of traitors. Yes. I speak of the traitorous group that uses you as a shield to hide and work its deceit and evil in your very midst. They have sought to undermine our city, its kind people and its leaders. They have desired our government’s fall leaving us defenseless and ripe for conquest.

    I speak of the treacherous cult known as ‘The Chisel’. Cut out this cancer that threatens to destroy our city and now your children, and hand the Chisel over to us so that justice may be served.  You have until high sun or we will be forced to take them and Redgorge by force. I appeal to your honor, to the love of your town and to what is right – do not put all that you hold dear to the risk of war for the sake of these traitors.

    The Chisel must face justice.


Terseon leads a force of human troops, including the Stormblades and Skylar, to a hastily repaired breach in the Redgorge basalts and attacks. Terseon dies in battle.


Day 1 - Terseon leaves Cauldron, arrives at Redgorge, Jenya notifies group?

Day 2 - Terseon gives ultimatum, is charmed and attacks dwarves (losing) - Possibly have group fight Stormblades? - Possibly have group talk to town guards (i.e. Skylar)

Day 3 - Blue Duke takes control, attacks dwarves, wears them out

Day 4 - Townspeople take heart and take over from Dwarves.  Blue duke attacks, loses against townspeople.  Demon army approaches, balks at walls.  Vrock attacks directly.  Party needs to fight.

Day 5 - Demons organize and attack, Townspeople defend.  Blue duke attacks, dwarves defend.  Nabthatoron is frustrated and attacks directly.  Party to fight him.


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